The approach we use in our modules emphasises maximum knowledge, skills transfer and application by the learners. This approach is consistent and is a part of the value we have infused into our approach and delivery. This is essential to our clients who expect consistency from all our trainers as well as continuity over time.


Since 1999 in the industry specializing in training and consultancy for Standard & Quality, SME Development and Market Research, Team of more than 50 competence consultants, trainers and associates with various significant background.


Paisley has consulted more than 1,500 companies in Malaysia and South Easth Asia region in the areas of ISO standards, technical and market research advisory. Our client ranging from small to large corporate enterprises across various industries. These include multinational and regional corporations, public listed companies, ministries, statutory bodies, as well as goverment-linked companies.



June 2021
Integrated Management System QMS (ISO 9001:2015) & EMS (ISO 14001:2015) Training

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking (Henry Ford)
Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high Intention, sincere effort, Intelligent direction and skillful execution, it represnts the wise choice of many alternatives, (William A. Foster)